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October 11, 2009
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Ice breaker sorta-thing by WingedWolfGirl Ice breaker sorta-thing by WingedWolfGirl
Aka labeling myself a geek before anyone even gets to now me.
Okay, that’s a week beginning...
Hello fellow deviants!
I am Wingedwolfgirl, and I am an amateur Artist/sketcher.
-Tools of the trade. Pencils, colored pencils, computer.
-Favorite Drink: Vanilla-Coke
-Favorite color: “don’t really have one, I like darker shades like dark red and deep green.
Not fond of dark blue though; maybe deep blue, but not pastels…”
Orufu: “Oh for..! her fav is purple, she likes purple!”
-Powers: flight…and barking?

-favorite shows:
samurai Jack, Teen titans, Ben 10 (and Alien Force), Avatar: the Last Airbender, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Kim Possible, American Dragon: Jake Long, Xiaolin Showdown, Stargate SG1, doctor Who, Gargoyles, InuYasha, Torchwood, Spice and wolf, Danny Phantom, Super Robot Hyper Force Go.
Orufu: “Notice most of these shows have ended?”

Okay, now for this meme. (skip if you want, not that relevant)
1 & 2 . WingedWolfGirl. just my name, Orufu my little friend…my conscious maybe?
3. I’ma lefty, but I’ve tried writing w/ my right; so this wasn’t too hard.
4. Never again… poor Orufu is freaked.
5. I named myself after one of my fav things to draw. My, other fav; fan-art, I can
apparently only do well when I’m not filling out memes. XP
6. Being a little sentimental here. I don’t think I should say who those artist are,
especially since I’ve been staking DA for about 5 to 6 years now.
7. Other things I have trouble with; I can’t draw swords. Banana + Katana = Kanana.
8. Oh Yea…
9. Maybe more of a recommendation for myself than for others.
10. Sorta a Lioness/Wolf-ish kinda look for Nyu. I like it!
11. Orufu’s not leaving, she’s mad cuz I’m being an idiot.
12. What can I say here, Become my friend so I can tag you? That doesn’t make much
sense. Unless you want to be tagged, then it’s different.

Okay, that’s done! And it took about a week longer than I wanted it to! Oh well, mabe now I can start submitting some art.
Till then…

Okay, I own... pretty much every drawing I've put here...
but I don't own the meme (that's Nyu's), I don't own Samurai Jack, Kim Possible, Beast Boy, or Cyborg,
I do own the winged-wolves (my style of them at least) and Orufu, and myself
Wow, I should really quit typing now.

Edit 7/29/10
And... why did I not link by 2 the original?
Meme is :iconnyu:
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lonelynightrain Mar 20, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Really great Ice breaker! Your drawing are very cool! Great job!
lonelynightrain Mar 21, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
You are very welcome! <3
bumblebeegirl101 Nov 28, 2009
cool! ^^
bumblebeegirl101 Nov 28, 2009
np! ;)
teacupballerina Oct 12, 2009  Student General Artist
Nobldy wants to try the 'draw with their foot' challange. Maybe they should make that part a 'hold the pencil in your teeth and draw' challange. ;) Nice job anyway. So do winged wolves eat flying pigs? Might explain why ther eare so few flying pigs left!
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